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Child walks home in pouring rain after escaping from school

The little girl returned home after escaping from Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School

A SCOTS primary school is under fire after a four-year-old girl was able to escape from a nursery and walk home.

The girl’s outraged mother said she crossed two roads in pouring rain to make the ten minute journey home.

The mother, who did not want to be named, said the girl was distressed after coming home from Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School  in Tranent, East Lothian.

The council says the school is tightening up security after the girl slipped out of a fire exit on Monday, turning up at her house at 10.30am.

The girl’s mother said: “Usually I’m out of the house in the morning until about noon so it was really lucky that that day I had stayed at home.

“I heard a knock and couldn’t believe it when I went to answer the door and saw her standing there. My heart just leapt.

“She was soaking wet [it had been raining] and she was crying.

“I have no idea how she managed to get home on her own. She doesn’t know the area that well.

“I wouldn’t have thought she’d be able to remember the way back.”

She said when she contacted the school, staff were unaware the child was missing from class and could offer no explanation as to how she went missing.

An East Lothian Council spokesman said: “The council is taking this matter very seriously. And apologises to the girl’s family for any distress caused.

“The council has taken immediate measures to improve the security mechanism on the door to ensure none of the children can open the door in this way again.”

The £9.6million school was opened in 2008.

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