Edinburgh University is most dangerous campus in Scotland


EDINBURGH University is the most dangerous campus in Scotland, according to official figures.

The prestigious Russell Group University, whose past students include Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson, has a higher number of thefts recorded on its campus than any other Scots university.

Thieves took over 400 items of personal property on the campus, while 41 break-ins were recorded in residential halls.

University of Edinburgh had over 400 thefts and 41 break-ins  Picture:Dave Souza  


Five people were charged with breach of the peace, while five more were charged for wilful fire-raising over the past five years.

The figures, released in a Freedom of Information request, include all incidents from March 2008 to present.

Overall, over 207 residential halls were broken into across all Scots universities, while over 1196 thefts have been recorded.

Hundreds of bikes were stolen in the theft sprees, as well as laptops, phones, wallets, IT equipment, copper piping and even a Bonsai tree.

Nine cases of wilful fire-raising were recorded as well as 46 breaches of the peace.

Sex attacks in Scots universities are also a problem, with up to 10 cases of rape recorded across three different campuses since 2008.

Up to fifteen sexual assaults were also carried out across Scots campuses with the University of Strathclyde recording “less than five” on their campus alone.

Aberdeen University had the worst record for “sex acts” being carried out on their campus.

St Andrew’s University had five sexual assaults recorded on their campus 



In 2011, a male was seen carrying out a “sex act” in the university’s Taylor Library, while another male was caught indulging in “indecent exposure” outside the building.

Another male was caught carrying out a “sex act” in the New library later that year while one male was seen acting suspiciously in the chapel, removing door handles from female and male bathroom toilets.

Robin Parker, President of NUS Scotland, said: “These statistics show that we have some way to go to putting a stop to sexual violence and harassment on campus. We know from our ‘Hidden Marks’ research report that 1 in 7 women students in the UK has been the victim of serious sexual assault or serious physical violence while at university or college.

“However, keeping students safe and free from crime is something that is not only the responsibility for college and university security, but for local councils as well.

“Students’ associations across Scotland are meeting with candidates ahead of this May’s local authority elections and asking them to make student safety a priority.”

Mr Parker said the Edinburgh Students Forum is “calling onEdinburghcouncillors to work with students and the police to introduce a Student Safety Strategy.”

He added: “Such a scheme would work on ending hate crime against students and calls to address the rising  theft rate of items such as a bikes or laptop that are critical to students succeeding in their studies.”