Molly the Collie on top of the world after bagging all Scotland’s Corbetts


A SCOTS dog is to become the first canine to bag all the country’s Corbetts.

This Sunday 5-year-old Molly the Collie from Aviemore, Strathspey will complete her final Corbett accompanied by her proud owner Anne Butler – a Mountaineering Council of Scotland member and avid Munro and Corbett bagger.

While the term “munro” to describe a mountain is familiar, “Corbetts are less well known.

Molly has climed 219 Corbetts so far

Murnros are mountains over 3000ft, while Corbetts are between 2500 and 2999 feet above sea level.

Kitchy the Shetland Collie, with his owner Hamish Brown, was the first recorded canine completionist of the Munros in the 1960s.

There are 220 Corbetts in Scotland, the list of mountains collated by John Rooke Corbett in the 1920s.

At the summit Molly will be treated to sausages

Molly is planning to spend a ‘grand day oot’ on Garbh Bheinn, Ardgour with her canine pals and human companions.  The tradition of uncorking a bottle of champagne on the summit will be replaced by a generous supply of summit sausages.

Peter Willimott, Vice Chair of the Munro Society, said: “Dogged determination!  Congratulations to Molly and Anne.”

Mike Dales from the MCofS said: “This dug is a fraction of my age, but she has beaten me to that elusive last Corbett.  Well done Molly – give that dug a bone.”