Friday, May 20, 2022
In BriefScots stunned by Krispy Kreme shun

Scots stunned by Krispy Kreme shun

SWEET-loving Scots have hit out after being excluded from a UK-wide doughnut giveaway.

Krispy Kreme customers, some of whom queued for hours to buy the sugary snacks when its first Scottish store opened last month, were furious after discovering they would not be eligible for a free doughnut promotion.

The company is offering to give customers across the rest of the UK 12 free doughnuts when they purchase another dozen, but makes clear in its small print that this offer does not apply to the new Hermiston Gait branch in Edinburgh.

When it opened last month, Krispy Kreme caused traffic chaos and extra security staff had to be drafted in to help cope with the mass doughnut-crazy shoppers.

One customer, Aaron Millar, 23, of Leith, said it was unfair that Edinburgh was not included in the doughnut giveaway.

Mr Millar, who queued up on the first day the store opened on February 13, said: “It feels like they are snubbing a customer base who really deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty.

“It’s harmed my opinion of the brand and I don’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon.”

But restaurant owner Malcolm Duck, chairman of the Edinburgh Restaurant Association said Krispy Kreme had made the right decision.

He added: “If the store is already extremely busy, this kind of offer could just put un-needed extra strain on the staff, meaning customer wait times would rise while the quality of service does down.”

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