Scots babies given unusual names – including a girl called ‘Man’


SCOTTISH babies are being given more unusual names including Merlin, some with just the letter “A” and one girl who was called “Man”.

The National Records of Scotland have published every forename registered between January and November of 2012.

There were 7,400 different first-names for children with around 4,800 thought to be unique.


Scottish themed baby names included Clyde and Thistle
Scottish themed baby names included Clyde and Thistle


Such names include Merlin, Mercy, Hero and Honour – there was even an Attila and a baby called German.

Other odd titles include Virtue, Miracle, Adorable, Atlanta-Blush, Melody-Fair, Cinders, Pagan-Willow, Dandy and Wyntrr – three girls were also named “Glory”.

Two boys were called “A” with two others being registered as “T” – one another was simply labelled “J”.

There were also two called “Tj” and two as “Dj” and one as “Cj”.

More rock’n’roll names include Hendrix, Axl, Cash and Elvis – two girls were also called Presley.

There were four registers for “Prince” and three for both “Princess” and “Queenie” – there were also eight Romeos and two Juliets.

One baby boy was called Man as was a baby girl – there were also eight occasions of boys and girls being called Pheonix.

Scottish themed names include Lomond, Clyde and a girl called Thistle.