Police tell of huge operation to find missing 3-year-old Mikaeel Kular

Mikaeel was last seen at 9pm on Wednesday

POLICE have downplayed fears a three-year-old boy missing from his Edinburgh home was abducted.

Mikaeel Kular was put to bed by his mother at 9pm on Wednesday but was missing when she went to wake him at 7.15am on Thursday morning.

The boy’s coat and shoes were gone and officers said there was no evidence of criminality of a break-in.

Mikaeel lived at the flat in the Drylaw area of the city  with his mother, twin sister, and three half brothers and sisters.

The boy’s father, who has not been named, does not live at the address but police declined to comment on speculation that Mikaeel may have gone with him.

Last night, a massive police search was still underway in Ferry Gait Avenue, where Mikaeel lived. Forensic teams were checking bins in the street as well as neighbours’ homes for clues.

Superintendent Liz McAinsh said: “Abduction is not a direct line of enquiry.

“We’re trying to establish family dynamics at the moment.

“We’re checking local CCTV footage for any footage that may assist our inquiries.”

She added: “There is no evidence of criminality or signs of a break in. The door was locked when he left, there is a possibility that he has out on his own.

“At present we are trying to get in contact with the father who doesn’t live at the property.

“We’re not aware of any custody issues.”




Supt McAinsh said Mikaeel was capable of getting himself out of the property.

She said: “His mother searched the house and noticed his coat and shoes were missing and notified the police.

“He’s going to be cold and hungry and he may have fallen asleep somewhere or sought shelter in a garden or shed.

“We urge anyone who might have seen him to get in touch with us.”

Supt McAinsh, speaking at a second press conference, confirmed that police have spoken with the boy’s father.

She said:”We are speaking to all key family members, that would include his father.

“There’s been no arrests and no formal detentions. Several relatives are assisting us and that would include extended family.”

The name of the father – who is not named on Mikaeel’s birth certificate – has not been revealed.


Superintendent McAinsh added: “It’s getting dark, it’s getting cold and we would ask anyone to check your own personal properties and space.

“Look for anywhere a three year old might try seek shelter or fall asleep.”

She said she believed the CCTV at the front of the property was working and officers had examined it, along with others, in the area.

She added: “He would normally share with his twin but he was sleeping in the bedroom alone last night.

“His mother put him to bed last night. She was the last one to see him.”

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said:”We heard that there had been trouble in the stair in the morning.

“I’m not sure what went on but a man ran out wearing a hoody shortly before the police came.

“My daughter was watching from the window and said that a man wearing a dark hoody ran out the building, but she didn’t know what had happened inside.”

Amanda Speirs, 27, who lives in the neighbouring block of flats, said: “My son woke me up at about 6 this morning saying that he heard tapping in the door and that their was someone there.

“Living by myself I didn’t want to check at first but when I did there was no one there, that I could see.

“Now I have police in my house hand printing the door and they’ve gone through everything inside. They have checked my drawers, my cupboards, under the bed even my kitchen cupboards.

“It’s absolutely tragic, we just want to help however we can. Someone would have to sedate me if that was my kid.”


Frank Arthur, who lives directly above Mikaeel’s family, described him as a “cheeky little lad.”

Mr Arthur, 72 said: “I don’t really know them, I’ve never had any problem with them at all.

“I’ve seen the little lad out playing in the stair with his siblings. He’s a happy, cheeky little lad. “

Nicola Garrick, 35, who lives opposite the family said that she often seen him out playing and said he was always smiling.

“He was a happy boy, he’s always had a smile on. I’d see his mum playing with him and his brother and sisters.

“They have a little baby in the house too which is only about five months so I’d see her playing with the baby a lot.”

Mikaeel’s birth certificate reveals he was born to Rosdeep Kular, 33, a customer services assistant with a gas company.

His father is not listed.

Rosdeep married Omotoso Adekunle Adekoya, 35, a taxi driver who is originally from Nigeria, in Glenrothes, Fife in 2004.

After the pair married their first son was born in 2004, their second son was born in 2006 and a daughter was born in 2008.

Rosdeep’s mother Harjinder Kular, a landlord from Kirkcaldy in Fife, is listed as a witness in the wedding certificate as is someone from Nigeria listed only as Y Adekoya.

Mr Adekoya’s most recent address is listed as Waterfront Gait, a short distance from Mikael’s home in Ferry Gait Crescent.

Police yesterday visited an address in the street and were seen escorting a man to a police van. Police Scotland said the incident was not related.

Police insiders suggested the man was a witness rather than a suspect.

“I looked out of the window and saw two police men in all black, talking to him and then lead him down the stairs to the underground car park.

“There was another officer in the normal uniform walking in front of them and one behind them.”