Friday, May 20, 2022
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Local shops loyalty card launched

LOCAL shops in Scotland are taking on the big store chains by launching their own loyalty card.

Consumers who stick to their local high street rather than heading out of town will be able to accumulate points to spend on goodies.

Three small retailers in Perth are pioneering the fightback – delicatessen Provender Brown, wine retailer Exel Wines and Blend Coffee Lounge.

The pilot scheme will be run by digital marketing firm Miconex, who specialise in helping local councils boost business.

Russell Wallace, General Manager at Exel Wines, said they were excited to trial the Miconex Card.

“I am currently in the process of deciding on specific rewards for customers,” he said.

“I’m thinking up different ways for them to interact and gain.

“The ball will start rolling in a fairly straightforward capacity, for example you spend so much on wine and then receive a money-off voucher.”

He added: “In the wine industry you are always competing with supermarkets. For most people doing the weekly shop its very handy to get the bulk of their wine from the likes of Tesco or Sainsburys.

“We want to take inspiration from these big thriving supermarkets and then customise their services to help our High Street.”

Diane Brown, Owner of Provender Brown, said: “We’ve had great loyalty from many of our customers for nearly 10 years now so it’ll be lovely to be able to offer something back.”

Sallins, manager at Blend, said: “Our motive for taking part in the scheme is not just about business, but about knitting the community together in the modern world.

“It’s as much about what the Perth community can give each other as it is about enriching our customers’ experience.”

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