Wednesday, August 10, 2022
In BriefHMRC map pinpoints tax crime in Scotland

HMRC map pinpoints tax crime in Scotland

HM Revenue and Customs are pinpointing tax cheats for all to see with the launch of a new interactive site.


According to HMRC the website will feature a map which allows people to see the impact of their enforcement work.


The site will also show convictions resulting in jail sentences since April 2013, and the locations of HMRC taskforces since they were introduced in 2011.


The interactive site also features the results of HMRC taskforces targeting specific trades and professions, as well as details of people caught and jailed as a result of investigations by HMRC’s Criminal Investigation teams.


David Gauke, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said: “HMRC’s investigators are catching tax cheats in every corner of the country and we want people to be able to see the outcome of this enforcement action.


“HMRC’s new online enforcement map shows tax cheats that when they are caught they can face hefty prison sentences.


“It is yet another example of how the government is making HMRC’s work more transparent.”


HMRC’s Chief Executive, Lin Homer, said: “HMRC is prosecuting more tax cheats every year and targeting more trades and professions where we have identified that tax revenue is at risk. This map shows the scale of our criminal investigation operations, so tax cheats should be seriously worried that HMRC is coming for them next.”


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