Wednesday, July 6, 2022
In Brief‘Computers are only for Geeks’ talk at University of Dundee

‘Computers are only for Geeks’ talk at University of Dundee

The idea that computers are only for geeks will be challenged by Dr Karen Petrie, from the University of Dundee, and professional comedian Susan Morrison tomorrow evening.

The latest instalment of the ‘Cabaret of Dangerous ideas’ series takes place at Braes Bar in Perth Road from 7-8.30pm on Tuesday, 24th March.

Dr Petrie is a senior lecturer in the University’s School of Computing. She will be engaging with the audience in an attempt to find out what turned them on or off computers as well as revealing how an outdated view of computer science causes major consequences.

“Many people think of nerdy men hunched over keyboards in a darkened basement room impervious to the rest of the world when they think of computing or IT,” she said. “However, computer scientists and IT workers are starting to diversify and many are attempting to throw off their predominantly male, geeky, introverted image.

“However, these attempts are being hampered as over 85 per cent of undergraduates studying computing in the UK are male. Does this negative stereotype affect who chooses, works and studies computers, coding and technology? Would IT achieve greater things if the researchers were from more diverse backgrounds?”

The event will be hosted by Susan Morrison. Tickets are free and can be booked at, by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01382 386660.

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