28 MSPs sign motion backing anti-Trident demo



TWENTY-EIGHT MSPs from three political parties have signed a parliamentary motion to remove nuclear weapons from Scotland.


The motion was launched by MSP Bill Kidd in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.


It asked for support and recognition of the Scrap Trident Coalition’s “Bairns Not Bombs” demonstration, which will begin at Glasgow’s George Square at 11am on Saturday.


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is due to speak at the event just after noon.


It is thought thousands of protesters will turn up to show support for scrapping the planned upgrade to the nuclear weapons system, which is estimated to cost £100bn in total.


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon – due to address anti-nuclear campaigners at George Square in Glasgow at noon on Saturday


The rally is one of several events planned before the general election. A public blockade of the base is also due to take place on 13th April.


Bill Kidd MSP and Patrick Harvie MSP today issued a joint statement:


“We jointly wish the Scrap Trident Coalition very great success with these two terrific initiatives which will bring the public campaign against Trident to the streets of Glasgow – and to the gates of Faslane.


“ Nuclear weapons are opposed by the great majority of the people of Scotland and by politicians, trades unions, churches and voluntary organisations.


“These are weapons which are against humanity and have no place in a civilised society.”


Green party, Leith Walk
Patrick Harvie – backing the Bairns Not Bombs anti-Trident demo





Trident consists of four nuclear submarines, one of which is on patrol at all times. Each carries 40 nuclear warheads, kept at Faslane nuclear base 40 miles north west of Glasgow.


It is estimated each warhead could deliver a blast eight times more powerful than the atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima.


Critics say the weapons are too expensive, dangerous and incompatible with modern warfare.


Daily functioning of the system is also said to be heavily dependent on treaties with the US government and the use of their military technology.