80,000 deaths could be avoided with new antibiotics


A report published on Sunday by the Cabinet Office estimates that 80,000 people could die in the UK from antibiotic resistant infections.

The National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies states that this number could die as a result of an epidemic if no new antibiotics are introduced .

Thousands could die if antibiotic-resistant bacteria develop
Thousands could die if antibiotic-resistant bacteria develop


Professor Colin Garner, Antibiotic Research UK’s Chief Executive said: ‘The Risk Register report is a recognition that antibiotic resistance will become a major health threat if we don’t do something about the problem now.”

“Our charity is determined to succeed in its goal of finding new antibiotics.”

David Battie, a presenter on the BBC TVs Antiques Roadshow and a victim of antibiotic resistant infection supported the campaign, saying: ‘I am not dead but I was nearly.’

Antibiotic Research UK aims to raise up to £30 million, through a combination of traditional fundraising, corporate sponsorship, trusts and foundations as well as newer fundraising methods such as crowd funding.