How JK Rowling punched the lights out – of her printer


JK ROWLING has proved she’s just as handy with her fists as she is with words.

The author has admitted delivering a knock-out punch – to a printer at her home in Edinburgh.

The 49-year-old – who described printers as “evil” – took to Twitter to explain why her own one is out of action.

“It threw tantrums every time I asked it to print anything longer than a pamphlet,” Rowling tweeted.

The author suggested printers are among  the most evil devices on the planet
The author suggested printers are among the most evil devices on the planet


“Then it had a breakdown and then I *may* have hit it very hard with my fist, since when it appears to have been comatose.”

Rowling, whose worth is estimated at £657m, has been using her husband’s printer rather than splash some cash on a new one.

But she revealed that even that machine is now playing up.

She wrote: “Of all devices known to humankind, the desktop printer is the most evil. I am close to breaking point.”

Someone calling herself Crazy Plate Lady offered some sage advice: “Don’t let it know you’re angry,” she wrote. “They can sense it and rebel even more.”

To which Rowling replied: “I know. It will make me pay for my disloyalty. God, how I hate it.”

Referring to her doctor husband, she hastily added: “I now feel the need to say (in case he sees this at work) Neil, I haven’t broken your printer.”

The bizarre conversation came to an end when the official Canon UK twitter account asked: “Anything we can do to help?”

The author, who lives in Edinburgh, enquired: “Do you have an exorcist in my area?”