Care home boss told OAP: “The quicker you die, the better”


A CARE home supervisor has been struck off for a catalogue of verbal and physical abuse, telling one woman: “The quicker you die, the better”.

Lynn Sweeney, who worked at a home near Glasgow, hit an elderly man on the forehead with a slipper, threw away someone’s dinner and refused to take a woman to the toilet.

She also called one man an “ old bastard”, branded a user a “fat lazy excuse of a woman” and called another “an evil old bitch”.

Ms Sweeney faced a total of 18 charges at the SSSC hearing
Ms Sweeney faced a total of 18 charges at the SSSC hearing


She faced a total of 18 charges at a Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) hearing in Dundee earlier this month, 16 of which were found proven.

All incidents took place during a period of three years between 2010 and 2013, when Ms Sweeney was employed at the Parkhouse Manor Care Home in Barrhead near Glasgow.

It was found proved that she told one service user “the quicker you die, the better” and called her an “evil old bitch”, or words to that effect.

The SSSC confirmed that she hit one man, BB, “on the forehead with a slipper”, and said “I hate that old bastard” when referring to him.

She also neglected service user DD and in particular did “dispose of his evening meal in the bin”, said “if anyone asks, I fed him” or words to that effect – and did so knowing that he was unable to communicate.

She repeatedly told service user CC “no, you’re not getting any more” when she asked for cups of tea.

Ms Sweeney also “failed to assist service user EE to the toilet when she asked her to take her to the toilet”.


She held one man’s arms down to his waist and told him “You don’t intimidate me you dick” after he mistook the nurses’ station for the toilet.

She also failed to report this incident – breaching the care home’s own policy.

Finally, she said: “I can’t stand that woman, she’s a fat, lazy excuse of a woman” when discussing another user at the home.

The SSSC committee branded her behaviour as a “serious departure” from the standards expected of a care worker, and have removed her from the register.

They said: “The misconduct found involved dishonesty. It also involved placing vulnerable service users at considerable risk of harm.

“The behaviour was not an isolated incident, but presented as a pattern of conduct showing disregard to dignity, safety and wellbeing of the service users over a number of years.

“The misconduct represented a serious departure from the standards expected of a social care worker.

Ms Sweeney could not be contacted for comment.