Wednesday, July 6, 2022
EntertainmentAbramovich takes delivery of exercise bikes to superyacht

Abramovich takes delivery of exercise bikes to superyacht

AS if cycling around the picturesque Scottish islands wasn’t enough, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has had two exercise bikes delivered to his £1.5bn superyacht.

The bikes, costing up to £1,300 each, were spotted being loaded onto the Russian billionaire’s dinghy in Oban on Tuesday.

Pictures show three men lifting the large RealRyder indoor bikes onto a white boat before setting off towards his giant yacht

The bespoke bikes, made in America, are marketed as a “fluid, multi-dimensional indoor riding machine”.

The pricey bikes are loaded aboard (Photo Allan Mccall)
The pricey bikes are loaded aboard (Photo Allan Mccall)


Riders are able to lean, turn, steer and balance on the bikes through three planes of motion.

And it appears that Abramovich, who is currently on a cycling tour of Scotland, has taken a shine to them.

The Chelsea owner is a big cycling fan, and was recently snapped on the Isle of Bute riding a £3,000 bike.

It is believed that after completing a tour of Scotland he will sail to the south of France where he will spend the rest of his summer.

His yacht, which boasts a helicopter landing pad, a cinema, swimming pool and dance floor, was made for Abramovich in 2010.

The vessel also contains a children’s playroom, sauna, a mini-submarine and a missile defence system.

The master suite is armour-plated, has bullet-proof windows and a laser system designed to dazzle long-lens photographers.

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