Fife man swapped iPhone for pizza at T in the Park


A FIFE man is looking for a replacement mobile after trading his iPhone 5 for a bite of pizza at T in the Park.

Dunfermline resident Allan Banning made a post to social media looking for a new phone, claiming that he gave up his £180 handset in a trade for pizza at the festival earlier this month.

His post read: “If anyone on here is selling an iphone 5 or better please let me know….Swapped mines at TitP last week for a bite of pizza.”

Seemingly knowing he would be mocked for his poor haggling skills, he added: “If you’re not selling one, feel free to leave a wide comment.”



The post was made over a week ago, and has since gone viral with more than 5,000 retweets and favourites.

Amused commenters have mostly seen the funny side of his trade, calling it “superb.”

Others expressed their empathy, tagging their friends and saying “almost us.”

In a reply to those doubting his bartering skills, Mr Banning yesterday [Monday] said: “The pizza was outstanding and I would do it all again. No regrets.”

T in the Park took place at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire this year, between July 10 and 12.

Festival bosses are currently facing a slew of criticism from officials and festival-goers after allegations that organisation at the new site was insufficient.