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VIDEO: This road rage row ended with a bang

A VIDEO shows the moment a driver crashes into the back of a car – in the middle of a road rage row with a cyclist.


The “helmet cam” video had over 20,000 shares.


The footage shows the cyclist and a white van driver in a heated argument as they travel on what appears to be Crow Road in the Jordanhill area of Glasgow.

The 2m 50 second video, filmed by the cyclist, has had over 20,000 shares since it was posted on Youtube on Tuesday by Magnatom.

It appears that the van driver overtakes the cyclist before trying to move back to the lane in front of him.

The camera leans towards the driver’s windows as the cyclist is heard shouting: “ No! Are you serious?

“You were overtaking me to get in front of me. Did you really think you were going to get in front of me?

“Goodbye. Jesus, what an idiot!

He cycles off but the van pulls alongside him and someone can be heard shouting back: “Don’t be a f****** p****.

The cyclist then captures the moment the white van collides with the back of a stationary or slow-moving car in front. A loud crash can be heard and someone shouting: “Oh for f*** sake”.

The cyclist continues to film, telling the driver of the car in front: “Mate, I’ve got it on camera, so I’ll be a witness.”

The video then cuts to the two vehicles pulled over at the roadside, with the cyclist still there filming.


“Jog on” – the van driver (right) and the driver of the car in front get out to inspect the damage.



As the driver of the black car gets out, the cyclist says to him: “Mate, he was actually busy shouting profanities at me at the time so he wasn’t paying attention.”

As the driver, a young man in a blue shirt and tie, inspects his car, the driver of the white van also gets out and tells the cyclist: “Jog on. You’re weaving in and out of the traffic out there causing all sorts of problems.”


The cyclist replies: “You were shouting abuse at me and went into the back of somebody.”

David Brennan, 42, has come forward as the cyclist who recorded the video.
The clinical scientist, who works at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, regularly cycles 12 miles to and from work, but says he had “never seen this before”.

“It was just one of those things – a bit of karma really,” he said.

“The driver cut in front of me so I shouted at him before cycling off.

“He followed me, clearly wanting to speak to me. I could hear him shouting something like ‘You f****** prick” as he came up behind me.

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