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Dentist on £245k a year escapes ban for not washing hands

A DENTIST who failed to wash his hands, reused surgical tools and “wilfully disregarded” patient safety has been allowed to continue working.

Andre Basson, of The Keep dental practice on Castle Wynd, Inverness, had his six-month suspension lifted at a meeting of the General Dental Council (GDC) last week.

Despite concerns dating back to 2009, a panel decided to let him carry out work on patients.

Basson earned £245,000 in 2014, making him one of the highest earning dentists in Scotland.

The ruling stated: “You have accepted that you placed financial concerns before the safety and wellbeing of your staff and patients.

Andre Basson escaped a ban
Andre Basson escaped a ban


“Your standards of personal hygiene in the clinical setting were poor, in that you did not wash your hands when required to do so, that you did not wear gloves when appropriate and that you did not wear suitable clinical clothes in the clinical areas of the practice.

“The Professional Conduct Committee considered that you wilfully disregarded the safety of your staff and patients, and that your actions were an abdication of your responsibilities as a dental professional.”

The GDC added that it was concerned that, despite Basson receiving “exceptional levels of support from NHS Highland for a considerable period of time” there continued to be significant deficiencies in the same areas of concern that were identified to you some five years previously.

The watchdog stated: “It further considered that you had demonstrated limited insight into the areas in which your practice had fallen far short of acceptable standards. “

But it allowed him to go back to work, saying: “The Committee has been impressed by the large amount of work you have done and the depth of your reflections into your shortcomings.

“However, given that you have not been in a position to implement your own changes in practice, due to your registration being suspended, your remediation is not yet complete.

“The Committee considers that you need an opportunity to put into practice the training needs identified in your Personal Development Plan.”

Mr Basson will now be able to practice under supervision for the next 12 months, after which his case will be reviewed.

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