Camper captures “ghostly face” at death spot


A CAMPER claims to have captured a “ghostly face” on camera at a renowned beauty spot – where children are reputed to have died violently over 200 years ago.

Rab Wright, from Glasgow, was visiting Loch Venachar in Stirling district last month when he took a picture of his friend fishing.

It wasn’t until he looked back at the image that he spotted what appears to be a strange face seeming to peek out of the trees some way in the distance.

A zoomed-in picture shows that the “face” bears a terrifying resemblance to a ventriloquist doll or small child, with pale features and dark hair.

The "ghost face"
The “ghost face”


It even appears to be grinning at the camera as it pops up from the undergrowth.

Even more spooky is that hundreds of years ago, children drowned as they tried to cross the nearby loch.

The Paranormal Database states that in the 1800s a water horse – a mythical, water-dwelling creature – dragged the children to their deaths as they swam.

The pictures were uploaded to social media, where they were met with horror from other camping fanatics.

Marie Clelland said: “I wouldn’t be back there in a hurry.”

Douglas Lang warned: “Someone is stalking you with a Lord Charles ventriloquist dummy. I would go armed in future.”

Angie Gourdie added: “Hope you checked your car boot before you drove home! Could be living under your sink now.”

Suggestions as to what the “face” may be ranged from “a Scottish yeti” to “an elusive Haggis”.

Someone else said it looked like “a wee monkey” and another thought it was “something out of the Adam’s family”.