Rowling trounces another Twitter troll


JK ROWLING trounced a Twitter troll today – with help from her followers.

On Sunday evening the Scots writer took to Twitter to pledge her support for the Refugee Council – a UK charity helping refugees and asylum seekers from across the world.

But a troll responded to her message of support yesterday by lashing out at the Harry Potter author, saying: “You do know it’s your better together warmongering friends that have created the refugee crisis.”

An incredulous Rowling was quick to defend herself, replying: “Scotland voting to remain in the UK created a refugee crisis?”

The award winning actress has 6million Twitter followers.

Fans rushed to her side, piling in to take the troll to task with a series of mocking posts – embarrassing her into deleting the post.

Farheen Khan was one of the first to respond, tweeted Rowling: “My milk went off this morning. Damn you JK!”

Rowling responded by joking: “I told you not to pin that Better Together leaflet on your fridge.”

Sanjeev Bhaskar also had something to say to the troll.

He logged on around lunchtime to say: “Yes. And i stubbed my toe on a door this morning and can’t find my gloves. I’m blaming you and your friends for that too.”

Another added: “It’s also the reason we haven’t cured cancer or genetic baldness.”

Celine Terranova added: “Well someone stole my mince pie. I’m sure you had something to do with it! You ruined Christmas.”

Another user, Jonathan Hartley, summed up the troll, saying: “Can we just blame you for everything bad that has happened, is happening and will happen and be done with it?”

One more called the message the “stupidest thing I’ve read so far this week”

The huge amount of internet attention forced the troll to delete their tweet, just one hour after they posted it.

Rowling was an outspoken supporter of the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK, and her political leanings have made her a target for online trolls in the past.

In September she faced a troll targeting her after a previous tweet in support of refugees.

Her message read: “If you can’t imagine yourself in one of these boats, you have something missing. They are dying for a life worth living. #refugeeswelcome.”

The troll responded:: “said the millionaire on her gold iphone in her mansion.”

But with plenty of practice handling the online bullies, Rowling brushed off the poster, saying: “I’d type a longer retort, but these diamond buttons really hurt my fingers.”