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Rowling’s sleep app sparks intruder scare

JK ROWLING has revealed she was awoken by an intruder in the early hours of this morning – but thankfully it turned out to be her sleeping app.

The Harry Potter author told her fans she jolted awake at 3am to the sound of “heavy breathing in the dark”.

She became convinced that there was an intruder at her luxury Edinburgh mansion, where she lives with husband Dr Neil Murray.


Rowling was convinced there was an intruder in her room
Rowling was convinced there was an intruder in her room

But after the initial panic, she realised the eerie sound was coming from her phone.

And the culprit was an app designed to help her sleep better.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday morning, she wrote: “Woken at 3am by new sleep app, convinced that an intruder was breathing heavily in the dark.

“Have decided not to review to get new sounds.”

She was then flooded with suggestions from devoted fans, and some joked that they had gone through similar experiences.

Kodi Gaddis said: “This happens to me all the time, but it’s my obese cat wanting more food. Glad it was an app and not someone else.”

She shared her experience on Twitter
She shared her experience on Twitter

Another fan asked: “Did you freak out or prepare your wand for battle?”

Yvette Walker wrote: “Last night was my first night using a sleep app – I was woken up three times due to me moving and my phone falling on the floor.”

One follower, James Rhodes, suggested that Rowling use an app called ‘pzizz’ – saying it is “brilliantly configurable with no creepy breathing”.

Rowling replied: “Downloading now.”

It is not clear which sleep app Rowling used, but most claim to be an “intelligent alarm clock” designed to help people sleep better.

Some are also able to monitor sleep cycles and wake the user during their lightest phase of sleep, as well as work out the best time to go to bed.

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