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HGV seen doing 50mph on hard-shoulder

SHOCKING dashcam footage shows the moment an HGV driver loses patience in a traffic jam and speeds up the hard shoulder at 50mph

The video is all the more disturbing considering Traffic Scotland yesterday (Thurs) tweeted a picture of a pedestrian sitting by the side of the M9.

It’s not known if the timings of the two incidents overlap but it highlights the life-threatening danger that improper use of the emergency lane can cause.

The HGV can be seen driving up the hard shoulder
The HGV can be seen driving up the hard shoulder

A spokesman for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) slammed the use of the hard shoulder as ‘dangerous’ and urged the police to take action against anyone who uses it illegally.

The clip was filmed at 9.47am yesterday morning on the M9 motorway which runs from Edinburgh to Stirling.

The dashcam footage clearly shows the massive lorry, emblazoned with the logo of Lancashire-based Archbold Logistics, speed along the hard-shoulder, bypassing the large tailback of cars.

The lorry is going fast enough to thrown up a large cloud of dust in its wake.

The dangerous driver was caught on dashcam
The dangerous driver was caught on dashcam

Traffic congestion on the road has been worse than usual as a result of railway strikes and the Royal Highland Show, with many drivers using the road to travel to the agricultural event in Edinburgh.

The dangerous driving occurred on the same day as a person was spotted sitting by the hard shoulder on the same motorway.

Traffic Scotland shared a picture of what appeared to be a woman sitting on a crash barrier on the M9 after abandoning her car when she got stuck in the heavy traffic.

The man who captured the dashcam clip said that HGV driver was: “flying along the hard shoulder like it was lane one.”

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at ROSPA, said: “The hard shoulder provides a place for drivers to stop in an emergency, safely away from the moving traffic and without causing an obstruction.

“Using a hard shoulder as a running lane is dangerous, and illegal, except on smart motorways when the signs show they are open to traffic.

“The police should take action against any driver who uses a hard shoulder illegally.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers, a site dedicated to driving errors who obtained the footage, said: “It’s shocking that a professional driver has chosen to use the hard shoulder, which is designed and reserved for emergencies as a short-cut.

“Travelling at an estimated speed of 40 to 50mph, you have to consider the breaking distance of a vehicle that size, and would they be able to stop in time had there have been an obstruction?

“I would expect police to have a word with the driver and employers to provide some refresher training at the very least to prevent a repeat incident.”

A spokesman for Transport Scotland said: “While enforcement is a matter for Police Scotland, the safety of all road users is a top priority.

“We would encourage all drivers to act responsibly while behind the wheel and play their part in ensuring the road network is safe for everyone who uses it.”

A spokesman for Archbold Logistics said: “The company has set procedures for dealing with any complaint it receives and I will on my return to work discuss the video with my managing director and company secretary.

“If it shows unacceptable driving by an employee or contractor, I will take the appropriate action in line with our company procedures.”

Police Scotland say they are currently looking into the incident.

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