Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsDrivers chortle as town advertises its "Penis Show"

Drivers chortle as town advertises its “Penis Show”

DRIVERS in a small South Yorkshire town have been sniggering after a sign appeared advertising a “Penis Show”.

The banner reads “Penistone Show” but a road sign is blocking the “tone” – with hilarious results.

Local Michael Boaler took a snap of the sign from the crucial angle and shared it on social media, where it has been shared more than 1,000 times in a few days.


The poster was snapped at an unfortunate angle
The poster was snapped at an unfortunate angle


The Penistone Agricultural Show has taken place for the past 144 years and attracts around 18,000 people.

Michael said: “The sign is on the A628, the approach road to Penistone, everyone will see it, I see it every morning on my drive in and I can’t help but smile.”

He posted the image with the caption: “That’s a novel way of increasing the number of visitors to the show. Can’t wait to see who is exhibiting this year.”

Other social media users were quick to join Michael in making jokes about the image.

One Facebook user said: “I’m on a fishing match but my missus is eager to go. Now I know why.”

Another wrote: “Not entering this year, I’ll let someone else win!”

On being told that the sign was supposed to read “Penistone Show”, one user posted: “Kill joy!! I was packed and ready to go!”

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