Will.i.am “will move to Scotland” if Trump takes White House


AMERICAN hip-hop superstar Will.i.am has joked that he will move to Scotland if Donald Trump wins the White House.

The Black Eyed Peas singer was speaking at the London Fashion Week when he revealed he’d make the move should the Republican candidate be elected US president.

Asked what he would do if ‘President Trump’ was resident in the White House after the election, Will.i.am responded: “I’m moving to Scotland.”

The singer-songwriter later added that he was ‘just kidding’ but said he was worried by the lack of political engagement in the States.

He said: “The problem is that a lot of people feel that there’s no one that talks to them and because of that, they’re not going to engage and they’re not going to go out and vote, and these people are first-time voters.

“They don’t know the stakes, and it’s really scary from that perspective. They don’t want to engage because there’s nothing speaking to them.”

He added: “I’m voting for Hillary of course, all the way. Maybe you don’t think she’s an inspirational speaker but we don’t need that right now.”

He continued: “I sympathise for strong women that go out there and get it done. She has to be tough to compete and be successful in this man-driven world.

“But we need someone who’s tough, we need a tough woman. Trump’s not tough, he’s just harsh and there’s a difference between tough and harsh. Anyone can build a wall but building bridges, that’s tough. And we need bridges right now.”