Wednesday, June 29, 2022
NewsOutlander stars appear together in boob tattoo

Outlander stars appear together in boob tattoo

OUTLANDER stars Sam Heughan and Steven Cree appear side-by-side – in a tattoo on a female fan’s chest.

A startled Cree retweeted an image of the inking with the words “tattooed on someone’s boob”.

Heughan and Cree are tattooed as their characters Jamie Fraser and Ian Murray in front of Midhope Castle, in West Lothian.


The tattoo was spotted by the Outlander stars


The image of the unknown fan was shared by Scots actor Cree on social media yesterday evening.

He tweeted: “There are some things in life you just never expect. Having your face tattooed on someone’s boob is one of those things.”

36 year-old Star of the show, Heughan, retweeted the photo asking followers: “Is that YOUR boob?????”

Cree, originally from Kilmarnock replied: “No. I’ve got a tattoo of you on my ARSE. Don’t pretend you don’t know that.”

Commenting on the fan’s artful tribute other devotees of the series were not as enthusiastic.

@WrigleyGuinness said: “Yeah that’s a wee bit too extreme for me… I’m just not a permanently tattooing boob kind of girl.”

@JillD1981 tweeted: “Yeah that’s intense.”

@Raff19970 commented: “Well now that’s a fan time goes by you both will be headed south I’m afraid”

@Croce_Ma wrote: “OMG…actually Steven your likeness is spot on…Sam not so much.”

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