Friday, August 12, 2022
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“F*** off you p****!” Moment hands-free mobile driver accidentally road rages at wife

THE moment a furious motorist accidentally road-rages at his wife has been caught on dashcam.

The driver is calmly discussing the weekend’s drinking plans with his spouse on the hands-free when he is cut up by another motorist.

He suddently yells “f*** off you p****!” – much to the surprise of his poor wife at other end of the line.

In the video, captured on Friday a dashcam in Great Barr, Birmingham, the driver is waiting to pull out of a junction.

He is told to buy some prosecco “and cider” at which point a BMW driver blocks his turn.

After swearing at the driver, his wife – sounding shocked and hurt – says: “Oh, I was only answering your question.”

There is more arguing and mutual verbal abuse with the BMW driver before the motorist apologises to his wife.

Speaking about the footage, the driver, who wished not to be identified, said: “I know I was pulling out of side road but lights to left were on red and other cars were letting me go.

“The BMW decides to go forward onto the ‘keep clear’ and not let me go and then applauds my driving!

“I did get a bit sweary and had to apologise to my wife.”

After the video was posted on social media, other drivers were quick to express their delight at the clip.

The driver was blocked by a BMW

Rob Pickavance said: “What a c***, but it was funny when you were on the phone though..”I was only asking you a question”.”

Peter Smithson added: “”I was only answering your questions” – made me laugh!”

Jeremy Johansson wrote: “It’s a BMW (grabs pitchfork) burn him.”

Charlie Stanbury said: “You both need to take a deep breath and chill.”

To which the driver replied: “I had prosecco and cider so I was fine.”

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