Saturday, May 28, 2022
NewsSheep mutilated and killed in senseless attacks on three different farms

Sheep mutilated and killed in senseless attacks on three different farms

SHOCKING pictures have shown the devastating aftermath of attacks carried out on sheep in which their ears were cut off.


A number of sheep have had their ears cut off at farms near Newry, County Down whilst others have been stabbed in the throat.


Three separate farms, near Newry, have been devastated by the horrific wounds and injuries inflicted on their livestock.

Sheep had their ears cut off completely in the senseless attacks

Three of the sheep had to be put down due to their injuries.


The horrific images show the sheep after they’ve suffered the terrible injuries, with blood stained fleeces and cuts to their necks and ears.


Ruairi McCartney, whose father runs one of the farms affected, said he was “completely devastated” when he heard the news.


He said: “It was just shocking. At first I thought it might have been a dog attack.


“But when I saw it, some of the sheep had their ears sliced off the whole way down, while others had just been cut.”

Multiple sheep were injured or killed as a consequence of the attacks

Mr McCartney said that there were up to 11 sheep in the field overnight.


He said: “We found three of them dead, and then another three had to be put down when the vet arrived.


“There are no grudges held around here, so I don’t understand who would have done this.”

Multiple sheep from different farms in the area were mutilated and killed as part of the attacks

Neighbouring sheep owner Gerald Travers was another one of those affected by the senseless assault.


He posted pictures of his mutilated sheep online in an appeal for witnesses and said he was shaken by the incident.


Mr Travers said: “It’s disgusting and devastating. And scary too, I just hope it’s all over”

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