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Gordon Ramsay’s lookalike son makes acting debut at Fringe after dad tells him to pursue his passion

GORDON Ramsay’s lookalike son has made his acting debut at the Edinburgh Fringe after taking his father’s advice to “find his passion and pursue it”.
17-year-old Jack joined fellow Dulwhich College pupils on stage at the Pleasance Courtyard on Friday (AUG 4).
The Curse of Cranholme Abbey’s first performance went off without a hitch, and was well received by an enthusiastic audience.
Production company Young Pleasance have been at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival annually for 25 years, and Jack is the latest in a long line of young actors to take part in one of their large-scale performances.
The cast of 30 began rehearsing for the play in July at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington, London.
The gothic mystery combines the past and present to tell it’s ghostly tale, and features a large ensemble cast, including the famous TV chefs only son.
But, this isn’t a back-seat part for the young Ramsay, who is comfortable in his role as Toby, a beer-swigging lad whose main motivations are getting as drunk as possible, as quickly as possible.

Jack’s character in The Curse of Cranholme Abbey is a beer-swigging lad

Toby is one of the group members who arrive at the deserted Cranholme Abbey on a dark and dreary night, intent on partying the night away to celebrate their friend Charlie’s inheritance, and comfort him after the recent death of his father.
Things don’t go quite to plan for them as they discover there is no power in the creaking old home, no fuel left in their car and even worse – no signal or wifi.
Trapped, they set out to explore the house, stumbling upon clues to the dark secrets from Charlie’s family’s past.
They discover a wealth of family heirlooms hidden under dust sheets in long forgotten boxes, including an ornate wedding dress that has an ominous history.
The production weaves together the stories of three generations of Cranholme Abbey’s heirs as the mystery unfolds. Charlie’s ancestors from the 19th century and World War II are both central to the plot, and clever set staging allows the story to move seamlessly back and forth.
In one scene Jack, at a party set during War time, shows off his swing dancing skills with one of the female cast members – spinning and twirling her across the stage.
Speaking after the show, Jack said that he was enjoying his time in Edinburgh and even though the Fringe only officially kicked off on Friday (AUG 4) he has already seen plenty of performances.

Jack said he would consider a career in acting, but his lifelong dream to join the Royal Marines is also on the table

His favourites so far have been Tape Face – a mime and former America’s Got Talent contestant – and Our Man in Havana – a fast-paced physical spy comedy set in Cuba.
Asked if he would consider a career in acting, he said:
“It’s definitely an option, I really enjoy it.”
But, Jack hasn’t decided exactly which career to pursue just yet.
Dad Gordon announced last year that his son was intent on serving his county by joining the Royal Marines when he was 17, and Jack admitted that was still a possibility.
When asked what his dad thought of him taking to the stage he said the world-famous chef was supportive either way.
He said: “My dad just says find your passion and pursue it.”
The Curse of Cranholme Abbey is performing every day at 3.30pm until August 19 at Pleasance Beyond, Pleasance Courtyard.
Tickets cost between £6.50 and £8 for midweek showings, and £9-£10 at the weekend.

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