Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsMoment daredevil takes a 30ft ride in rubbish chute

Moment daredevil takes a 30ft ride in rubbish chute

A YOUNG man puts his life on the line by using a 10m-high building site rubbish site as a huge slide, in a video which has gone viral online.
The footage, thought to have been filmed in Scotland, shows the daredevil drop almost vertically inside the chute.
His legs hit a stone wall as the chute shifts and the youngster struggles to get himself free but seems to emerge unscathed.
Posted online by Robbie Paterson, with the caption “s****bag if you don’t”, the clip has gone viral.
At the start of the painful-looking video, a young man can be seen at the top the chute standing on a scaffoling platform, estimated to be around 10 metres high (30ft).
With his friends urging him on and shouting up to him, he is seen climbing into the top of the chute which is being used for waste from a building refurbishment.
A man at the bottom of the building is heard saying in the background “this is how folk die” with another person replying “you’ll no f***ing die”.

As he begins his decent the person filming is heard laughing and saying “right go go” while loud rumbling is heard coming from the make-shift slide.
After throwing himself down the chute, another person is heard saying “ah he’s a f***ing t*t” as someone else bursts into hysterical high-pitched laughter.
Emerging at the bottom of the waste slide, all that can be seen is the youngsters feet as begins to wriggle out.
@AmyJxn commented: “Callin a scottish person a s****bag is how u will get them to do anything”
@FinlayChassar said: “Hahahaha those 4 words could ruin lives”
@BruceMcbride2 wrote: “Hahahahahaha”

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