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Moment treasure hunter thought he’d found found human remains – but half the internet says it’s fake

A VIDEO showing a treasure hunter “freak out” when he thinks he has discovered human remains has split the internet over whether it’s a set-up.
Mark Robertson yells “Oh Jesus” and the camera shakes violently as he almost falls over in shock after finding a skeltonised arm.
The 33-year-old quickly realises it is a plastic fake and then repeatedly tells viewers he was “absolutely freaked”.
Mark was “magnet fishing” near the Erskine Bridge on the Clyde near Glasgow, a notorious suicide spot where human remains have been discovered in the past.
The clip begins with Mark walking along the foreshore of the Clyde. Suddenly the camera jolts and he says: “Oh jesus, oh my god.”
In the shallow part of the river a white bone skeleton hand can be seen sitting in the water, as Mark tries to catch his breath.

Treasure Hunter Mark’s video has split the internet

Gasping, Mark says: “I’m really sorry, I absolutely freaked there. Oh my god, I hope that’s not real.”
As he approaches the water, he says: “Oh it’s not, thank f**** for that. Oh I swear to God I absolutely freaked there. I’ve always said that I would never know what I would do if I came across a body part.”
After bracing himself, and squealing a few times, Mark finally manages to pull the hand out of the water. He exclaims with relief: “I think it’s plastic. Oh it is plastic.”
He then holds the hand up in front of the camera, and laughing says: “Oh my god, that got me. I really freaked when I saw that, I thought that was a human hand.”
The video sparked a fierce debate on Youtube between users, but many believed Mark’s reaction was genuine.
Kevin McIntosh commented: “Your reaction to the skeleton hand was funny as feck.”
Negative eclipse added: “Glad that was plastic.”
Amanda Johnson said: “First a hacksaw then a “human hand”, yeah I’d have had a heart attack!”
The Ravengirl wrote: “Oh my God! lol. I thought that hand was real. I don’t know what I’d do if I got something like that while doing my magnet fishing videos. Ugh.”

However, others were more sceptical and believed the video was a set-up.
User Cool 11 said: “You put the skeleton there faker.”
Imchasinyou commented: “Oh come on, that state of decomposition and the bones would have separated and you wouldn’t have even known it was a hand.”
Jeff Wong added: “Faker alert but nice acting gotta give you that.”
While Tony’s channel said simply: “Fake fake fake fake fake fake.”
Mark insists that he stumbled upon the hand, and that he had never been down to that part of the Clyde before filming the video.
Speaking yesterday (TUE), Mark said: “My reaction was like that because I had found bones before on the Clyde, and we were unsure what they were. I hadn’t been down that part of the river before, but I had run into a dog walker who told me about an antique gun that had been thrown in that part of the river so I went down to follow it up.
“I did just stumble across the hand in the water. The thing with Youtube is when a video gathers a lot of views you get verbally abused by people. It is not for the fainted heart, you need to be thick-skinned.
“Once you find good things I think the people who watch them become slightly jealous. There are a lot of trolls and keyboard warriors who just verbally abuse people for fun.”

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