Saturday, May 28, 2022
NewsLad's "Strictly Come Valium" dance gets 350,000 views online

Lad’s “Strictly Come Valium” dance gets 350,000 views online

A YOUNG Scot’s bizarre dance routine has earned more than a third of a million views – after it was branded “Strictly Come Valium”.

Aiden Graham gives a short but very intense performance of something akin to body popping in the clip, despite having no music.

The 22-second clip shows the hotel worker roll up his sleeves before shuffling in a robotic manner around a living room – in complete silence.

Off-camera, a pal eggs Aiden, from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, on with a droll commentary, including the line: “That’s f****** professional.”

The odd video, filmed by Martin McLaughlin, has had over 350,000 views and 4,800 likes on Facebook and was uploaded by viral page Scottish Vines with the caption: “Strictly Come Valium”.

The clip begins with Aiden standing in front of a lounge chair in a living room, and beginning to roll his sleeves up.

Martin can be heard in the background telling Aiden to begin and that his dancing is “superb”, while another says: “It’s well good”.

Aiden then pops the hood of his grey jumper and begins to shuffle around while moving his arms rapidly back and forth.

Martin says “Holy s*** man”, while an unknown man off camera deadpans: “It’s well good isn’t it?”

As Aiden continues to drag his feet around the living room and attempts to pop and lock his arms, Martin says: “F***’s sake mate, that’s f****** professional. Well done mate, well done eh, how good was that?”

Social media users have gone wild for the video since it was uploaded on Tuesday (NOV 14).

IMad Khouraky said: “Honestly had to take a second there to tell if what he was doing was voluntary motoric movement, or just spasming the f*** out.”

Thomas Munro added: “That’s the worst f****** mime artist I’ve ever seen. The glass box he’s trapped in must have hunners of shelves.”

Ross McGill commented: “The most impressive part is that the boy can’t move like that without any music on, he just has rhythm flowing through him.”

Billy Gillan joked: “I thought the internet had gone down and he had started lagging.”

While Leonie Arlow said: “I tell you what’s f****** professional, his sarcasm.”

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