Tuesday, August 9, 2022
NewsSchoolgirl, six, takes home a very rude drawing of Santa

Schoolgirl, six, takes home a very rude drawing of Santa

A MUM has shared her daughter’s hilarious school drawing of an extremely well-endowed Santa.

Lisa Hawkins did a double-take when Mia, six, handed her the sketch of Santa holding a Christmas list.

The stick arms and list make it look like Santa is very excited indeed about the fast-approaching festive season.

One woman who saw the drawing on social media wrote: “I wonder if Santa will visit my house.”

Lisa, from Fareham near Portsmouth, posted the image on Facebook writing: “Mia’s lovely drawing of Santa!

“I had to check with Mia but apparently he is holding his list!

“That’s not what I saw on my first take!”

Dozens of Lisa’s friends commented on the post.

Wendy Keerigan Ui Neill wrote: “The mind of innocence.”

Nicola Jones said: “Omg! Hilarious, she is definitely your daughter.”

Lee Martin wrote: “That’s hell of a list. Lisa you better check it twice. Lol terrible mind in you.”

And Kev Hardy joked: “Expect a visit from Children’s Services any minute now.”

Speaking today, Lisa said: “It made me giggle to say the least!

“I shared it myself as I thought it would give people laugh. Glad it’s been seen by lots of people.

“Mia is delighted so many people love her drawing.”

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