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NewsAdorable moment Freddy, one, caught using his mum's fake tan

Adorable moment Freddy, one, caught using his mum’s fake tan

AN ADORABLE video of a one-year-old boy putting on fake tan has gone viral.

Little Freddy McGowan, from Glasgow, saw his mum Suzanne McGowan putting on her fake tan yesterday (TUE) and decided to try it for himself – and his mum managed to catch it on camera.

The tot, brandishing an exfoliating glove and deep in concentration, bends down and rubs the fake tan on his legs.

Mum Suzanne can barely contain her laughter as the youngster stares at himself in the mirror and applies the lotion.

Dad Martin McGowan said Freddy had never done it before, he has just hit the stage where he copies everything his family members do.

The adorable video has been viewed a staggering 146,000 times since it was posted last night.

Freddy’s aunt Teresa uploaded the 30-second-clip to twitter with the caption: “No way did my sister just walk in to my one-year-old nephew doing this. I’m howling, love that wee boy.”

The video begins with an oblivious Freddy standing in a nappy, grey top, white socks and a dummy in his mouth, in his parent’s bedroom.

As his mum Suzanne stands and watches, it becomes clear that the youngster has an exfoliating glove in his hand and a bottle of fake tan in the other.

Once Freddy has a fist full of fake tan, he bends down to apply the lotion to his legs.

The one-year-old then squats up and down as he puts the fake tan on, and his mum struggles to contain her laughter.

Dad Martin, Mason, 5, Freddy, and mum Suzanne – who caught the tot tanning himself

30-year-old Suzanne makes her way towards Freddy, who is still obliviously applying the lotion.

When he notices his mum appear in the mirror – Freddy quickly moves to put the glove and fake tan back, pretending as if nothing happened.

His make-up artist mum burst into laughter as he does this, and the tot turns round with a cheeky grin on his face.

Dad Martin, a construction worker from Glasgow, said: “He’s just at that age now where he copies everything that we do, especially his big brother Mason. He just saw his mum doing her fake tan yesterday, and then a few minutes later he must have decided to it himself.

“He’s never done it before, that’s why Suzanne got her phone out. I can’t believe how mad it’s gone.”

The cheeky one-year-old is at the stage where he copies everything his family does

Speaking today, Mum Suzanne said: “He’s such a funny baby.

“I had gotten out of the shower that morning and put fake tan on, and a few hours later is when I caught him tanning himself up.”

On social media, Emma Louise said: “Omg I am greeting. His wee face.”

Lauren Harkin added: “Hahaha why will this actually be my child?”

Meg commented: “What a cutie pie. I am in love.”

And Andy Gardner said: “Proper made me giggle this.”

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