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“Kyle tanned my a**” Hilarious snap shows aftermath of boys, 2 and 3, getting hold of fake tan

A SCOTS mum’s hilarious picture shows what happened when two little boys got hold of a bottle of her fake tan.

Billie Fotheringham’s adorable snap shows her son and a pal plastered from head to toe in brown stains.

Kyle Fotheringham, two, and three-year-old friend, Leo, snuck off to play on Saturday but became suspiciously silent.

When Billie, from Dunfermline, Fife, went to investigate she was confronted with a scene of total chaos.

Leo had completely stripped for his tanning session, which resulted in stains all over the floor and bed covers.

Billie couldn’t resist posting a snap of the mayhem, showing Leo smiling while hiding his modesty and accomplice Kyle with orange-stained hands, patchy brown legs and a heavily-stained T shirt.

Billie couldn’t resist sharing the hilarious snap of the pair covered in fake tan

As well as the picture, Billie posted a short video of Leo on the phone to his auntie telling her Kyle tanned “my a**”.

Billie wrote: “So Kyle and Leo decided to get a hold of my FAKE TAN!! I cannot cope.

“And Kyle apparently ‘tanned Leo’s a**’.

In the clip, Leo is shown shown showing off his new glow during a video chat with one of his aunties where they can be heard laughing.

Speaking today (wed) Leo’s mum, Shirley Goodsir, said: “They were hiding in Kyle’s room and we thought they were to quiet so Billie went through to check on them and tada there they were.

“They took the tan and hid it in the room. Billie walked in and screamed because she didn’t know what it was to start with until she found the empty tan bottle the tan was all over the floor, over the covers and of course all over them.

“Then my son comes through with a perfectly tanned bum and says ‘Kyle tanned my a**’.

“I couldn’t even give him a row because it was just to funny

“My sister and mum on the the phone to my son after it happened. It just looks like a natural tan now.”

Little Leo Riddell and Kyle Duffield had pinched the St. Moriz Dark Mousse after spotting it on a unit in the hallway.

Speaking today (wed) Billie, 19, said: “Shirley was staying at mine for the full weekend with the kids and the fake tan was in the unit in the hall.

“They had opened it and pumped it out. It was almost a brand new bottle, I had only used it once.

“Leo was butt naked doing it. I went in and at first all I could see was Leo in a towel and Kyle in front with his t-shirt still on but then Leo stood up and he had nothing on.

“They must have been putting it on each other. At first I thought they had hurt themselves. They were just in there, bright orange. When I realised what they done I just burst out laughing and so did they.

“I had to leave for work about ten minutes after so I helped Shirley get them in the bath and had to rush off. Kyle’s still got patches on his legs.”

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