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“Budget” airline demands £37k for family’s fortnight in Greece – and they’ll still transfer by coach

By Daniel Morrow

A BUDGET airline is charging over £37,000 for a two-week family holiday in Greece this month – but you still have to travel to and from the resort by coach.

Jet2’s staggeringly high price was quoted to a family of six for a fortnight in a luxury suite at the five-star Sani Beach hotel in Halkidiki, northern Greece, flying from Leeds-Bradford.

A shocked mum-of-four, from North Yorkshire, who wished to remain anonymous, took to the airline’s Facebook page, asking: “Is this for real?”

The travel firm at first apologised for making an error on their website but later confirmed that the cost was correct.

The same family could get two weeks at the luxurious Ritz hotel in Dubai followed by two weeks at a five-star resort in Crete – and still have £4,600 left to spend.

Despite the astonishing cost, holidaymakers will still travel in a standard seat on a regular Jet2 aircraft, and take a coach transfer to the resort. And the stay is half board rather then all-inclusive.

The shocked mum couldn’t believe the price of the two-week holiday

The shocked mum took to the airline’s Facebook page, writing: “My husband received an email re holidays from £49 per person. We haven’t had a family holiday in the eight years we’ve been together.

“Had a quick look and below was the result – is this for real? 37k?”

The mum-of-four attched a screenshot of the holiday for two adults and four children for 14 nights – half board.

The astounding ‘base price’ is quoted at £38,352 – with a £600 discount from the airline leaving the final price at £37,752. The cost for each family member would be £6,292.

Jet2 initially attributed the huge quote to an error on their website, but later admitted the price is accurate.

The airline replied to the astonished customer on Facebook, saying: “We have double-checked with our revenue team and for Sani Beach, which is one of our high-end luxury properties.

“For a family of six in high season, the price pulling through is correct.

Jet2’s staggeringly high price was quoted to a family of six for a fortnight in a luxury suite at the five-star Sani Beach hotel in Halkidiki

“We are very sorry for the confusion caused and hope this goes to explain a little further.

“If you do wish to discuss holiday options further, we’ll be more than happy to help.”

The package included flights to Halkidiki, leaving Leeds-Bradford airport on July 24 for a fortnight stay at the five-star Sani Beach resort.

The astounding £37,000 figure is almost double the price of flights and a stay at The Ritz hotel in Dubai for the same length of time – with first class flights from London. The first-class trip to the luxurious Dubai resort is priced at £19,428 on Expedia.

While a family package holiday from Edinburgh to Crete in a five-star hotel for six guests in one room at the end of July costs £13,311 with Thomas Cook.

The total for both holidays comes to £32,739 – £4,600 less than Jet2’s Greek break.

Peter Higgins, an admin for the ‘Stop the School Holiday Price Increase’ page on Facebook, previously spoke with industry leaders with regard to pricing of family trips and played an instrumental role in getting MPs to debate the costing model in 2014.

Speaking today, Mr Higgins said: “This is a ridiculously priced break.

“Usually stupidly overpriced online searches suggest a ‘go away’ price blamed on tech issues – this means that they may have no availability left or may be getting more ‘stock’”.

A spokesman from Jet2 said: “Sani Beach is one of the most luxurious and stylish hotels that we sell, and the 5-star rating that the hotel averages on Trip Advisor reflects this luxury, as well as the hotel’s enormous popularity with customers who stay there.”

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