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Entertainment20 OFF THE CUFF with Sven Ratzke

20 OFF THE CUFF with Sven Ratzke

Deadline at the Fringe are interviewing performers across the month, putting 20 questions to them.

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Cabaret Star, Sven Ratzke has performed at venues around the world including the Sydney Operahouse; and Lincoln Center in New York City. He is back at the Edinburgh Fringe with Starman, which was a smash hit in 2016 featuring the music of David Bowie. This year he is also bringing Homme Fatale, a show reflecting on his own life on stage and featuring new original music.

Sven Ratzke

  1. First impressions of our fair city and, why are you here?

Edinburgh is fairytale like. I’m here, or better I’m back again for the festival to present my new show Homme Fatale and return with a few exclusive showing of Starman, my hit show from previous years.

2. Does your time here bring on joy or dread?

Performing is joy. You need lots of energy but the festival and the city have a great vibe, something is always happening and it feels like the centre of the universe.

3. Are you a happy soul or do the occasionally dreich elements make you morose?

I’m happy when the audience is happy. I don’t have time to sorrow.

4. Where will you visit on your day off and why?

The mountains and the oceans, I find them a good place to relax.

5. Do you ever get jealous of other performers? 

No, I only can admire them.

6. Did you have a happy childhood?

Yes of course. These are strange questions.

7. What does success and failure mean to you? 

Both are part of this business, so it’s good to relax and breath and don’t let either of them affect you too much.

8. Are you superstitious when it comes to performing?

A bit. I Spit on stage backstage just a moment before the show begins, and then I know it will all be great.

9. What is your biggest fear before going on stage?

I have no fear at all.

10. What is your favourite saying?

I don’t have one.

11. What is your worst habit?

Being on time.

12. What do you love/hate about the festival?

Love the people. Hate the rain.

13. Tell me about your most passionate embrace.

No I won’t sorry to private.

14. Do you wear knickers under your kilt?

I don’t wear a kilt.

15. Most embarrassing moment?

The last question.

16. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

There are so many but New York, because it’s the center of the world. Rome because it was the center of the world, and Berlin and Amsterdam because they are my homes and my identity.

17. Who would you be if you were not

A diva.

18. What Scottish delicacies do you enjoy and, do any of them fill you with fear?

None, I stay on my own watching and enjoying other people enjoying them and I’m amazed.

19. What is your greatest ambition?

Doing what I do. I want to keeping on doing it.

20. How can we bring world peace?

By leaving this world.

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