Sainsbury’s investigate bizarre mystery of blueberries “printed with numbers”


SAINSBURY’S is looking into a customer’s bizarre claim that he found numbers printed on his blueberries.

Emilio Moser was enjoying a punnet of the berries with his daughter, two, when he says he noticed something very odd.

The 29-year-old from London claims one blueberry bore the number 43, another the number three, and a third the number 665.

Emilio, who bought the blueberries from the supermarket’s store in Wembley for £2.50, shared his discovery on social media on Tuesday.

He wrote: “Dear Sainsbury’s. I recently bought those in your shop.

“Now I can’t eat them, and sleep because of them. I need to know the story behind all those numbers.

“I found number 3 and 665 as well. Tell me please.”

Emilio discovered the strange numbers while eating blueberries with his daughter

Emilio shared a photograph of the tiny blueberry with a very visible number 43 on the side.

In further photographs, a three and a 665 can be seen on two other blueberries.

On social media, Sainsbury’s wrote: “Thanks for sending this over Emilio. I will ask one of our teams and see if we can solve this mystery.”

Speaking today, Emilio said: “It’s a bit weird. It’s the first time I have seen something like this, maybe someone had a very productive day at work?

“I have no idea what to think about this. We found them only on three of them, because the pack was nearly empty – my daughter love blueberries.

“They do not look like they are made by a human but more likely a machine. Maybe they are counting every delivery of blueberries, who knows?

“I am waiting for an explanation.”

Two other blueberries also bore strange numbers including 3, left, and 665, right.

On social media, Emma Dizzy Dacre said: “I’d like to know too. Probably all the crap put on it so its stays ‘fresh’.”

While Eileen Broadhead joked: “One of those is a flavour enhancer.”

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s today joked: “How berry strange.

“We’ve thanked Emilio for bringing this to our attention and are looking into this with our supplier.”