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NewsKindhearted Scot fosters elderly dog abandoned during storm Ali after cops and...

Kindhearted Scot fosters elderly dog abandoned during storm Ali after cops and charity couldn’t take it in

A KINDHEARTED Scot is fostering an elderly dog abandoned during Storm Ali after police and charities wouldn’t take it in.

The collie cross was found tied up to a bench, scared and vomiting outside of Morrisons at Glasgow Fort by a group of teenage girls.

The teenagers stayed with the poorly pooch, who was not wearing a name tag and is thought to be between 13 and 15-years-old, for four hours on Wednesday.

However, when it became clear the owner wasn’t returning they tried to hand over the dog to police, who had no space for it, and the Scottish SPCA (SSPCA), who couldn’t make it out to collect her.

Charities and the police were wouldn’t take this abandoned collie in

When the were refused one of the girl’s older sister, Kayleigh Murray, from Glasgow, posted a social media appeal for the dog’s owner which led to a kind hearted Scot taking the dog in.

The 20-year-old appealed for information on the Lost Dogs Glasgow Facebook group, and Kelly Folan, one of the admins, then offered up her home as a shelter for the poorly canine.

When storm Ali was at its worst, gusts of 70mph were recorded in Glasgow and fallen trees forced roads to close.

Luckily the collie cross was found tied up to a bench, scared and vomiting outside of Morrison’s at Glasgow Fort

Writing on Facebook, Kayleigh wrote: “Anyone know who’s dog this could be?

“My little sister has just found it tied up by the neck near Morrison’s at the Fort in this weather.

“They sat there for hours with it waiting to see if it’s owners were coming back.

“The poor dog was crying, obviously in pain and kept being sick.

“The SSPCA couldn’t come and get the poor thing so told my dad and my sister to take it to Govan were it could stay for the night.

“Thankfully the poor wee soul has been taken in for the night. She will be scanned tomorrow for a microchip and get something sorted for her.”

The lost dog was discovered by the group of girls with a lead wrapped around it’s neck and shaking.

The girls thoughtfully unravelled the lead to make the dog more comfortable, and they believe the dog was abandoned there for most of the day.

On social media, Susan Anderson wrote: “Girls you should be very proud of yourselves. To stay with that wee dog in this weather for all that time is just amazing.”

While Brooke Hamilton commented: “Absolute disgrace, such a shame. That poor dog will be terrified in that weather.”

Speaking today, Kayleigh said: “No animal should have been left tied up to a bench for so long. Never mind in the middle of the severe weather we endured yesterday.

“I’m so proud of my sister and her friend for having the initiative, that some adults clearly didn’t have, to stop and wait with the dog who was clearly distressed.”

Kayleigh’s dad and sister were told to take the dog to the police station in Govan by the SSPCA, but they didn’t have space.

She added: “On arrival the police officer on duty told my dad and the girls that they didn’t have space for the dog as three kennels were being used and two were wet or dirty and hadn’t been cleaned.

The dog is now being looked after by an elderly woman

“My sister said they told her to leave the dog outside – which she was shocked at.”

The family were about to take the dog to a kennel, but before they did Kelly Folan got in touch and offered up her home.

Ashley Doherty, founder of the Lost Dogs Glasgow group, said today: “She was freezing, soaked through and shaking. However she was extremely friendly and surprisingly trusting after her ordeal.

“She is doing well. She’s eating and drinking normally and it’s obvious she has known love in her life. She sprawled over the couch and slept like a baby.

“The dog isn’t microchipped and there was no tag so we are unaware of any name unfortunately.

“Morrisons staff have been very helpful, they checked their CCTV for us but unfortunately the area that she was tied up is not covered by a camera.”

Scottish SPCA Chief Inspector Hamish Mackintosh said, “We can confirm we were alerted to a dog found outside a supermarket in Glasgow on 19 September.

“One of inspectors confirmed with the original caller that the dog was in good health. We then advised that the dog should be taken to the local police station as stray dogs are the legal responsibility of local authorities.

“We spoke with the member of the public who transported the dog to the local police station and staff at the station itself, to ensure the dog’s safety and wellbeing.”

Police Scotland and Morrisons declined to comment.

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