Shocking moment thug tries to push police officer into dual carriageway


Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a thug tries to push a police officer into the path of traffic on a busy dual carriageway.

James McVey is being led to a parked police car when he attempts to shove PC Kevin Steele on to the road.

The clip shows PC Steele come within inches of death or serious injury before he and colleage PC David Gray overpower McVey.

The 47-year-old builder from Tayport, Fife, was yesterday convicted of crimes including endangering life.

He was given a community payback order and £300 fine following the incident on the A90 near Tealing, Angus, on September 1 last year.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that McVey running home on the A90 Dundee when the officers intervened, fearing for his safety.

McVey was convicted of crimes including endangering life

What followed was captured on footage taken from a bus that had pulled over into the layby.


The video shows the officers trying to calm down McVey before he starts walking towards the busy road.

PCs David Gray and Kevin Steele grabbed him before it became too dangerous. It was then that McVey shoved PC Steele towards the dual carriageway.

PC Kevin Steele was inches away from death or serious injury

The cop manages to avoid being hit by traffic by holding on to McVey and spinning him around against the bus.

The policemen manage to restrain McVey and tackle him to the ground.

McVey denied the charges on indictment

McVey denied the charges on indictment but the jury unanimously convicted him of breach of the peace, assault to injury and danger of life, police assault and resisting arrest committed on September 1 last year on the A90.

Sheriff Linda Smith placed McVey on a community payback order under supervision for 18 months. McVey was also ordered to pay £300 compensation to PC Steele, and was given a restriction of liberty order for four months between the hours of 9pm and 7am.