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NewsHilarious moment spider the size of a fingernail defeats a grown man

Hilarious moment spider the size of a fingernail defeats a grown man

HILARIOUS video shows a man having a stand-off with a tiny spider – until it jumps on his hand and he screams hysterically.

Dwayne Steele films as he uses his finger to chase the arachnid until it finally stops to “confront” him.

Without warning, the spider leaps on to his finger, prompting Dwayne to jump back in shock while screaming.

The clip has been watched three million times since it was posted to social media on November 17. Animal lovers will be relieved to know the spider survived its encounter with Dwayne, from Rochester, New York State.

The clip opens with Dwayne taunting the spider. He jabs at him, scaring him back, while saying: “What’s up? Oh yeah.”

He continues tapping and jabbing at the spider, before suddenly going wild and telling the spider: “Get the f*** off the block.”

The spider runs from Dwayne’s jabbing finger on to the relative safety of a piece of black tubing.

Dwayne then films close up to the spider, admiring its “talons” and referring to it as a “Tarantasaurus”.

The spider can be seen approaching Dwayne’s finger

Suddenly, he gets angry at the “Tarantasaurus-rex” and begins jabbing violently again, saying: “Back the f*** up. Back the f*** up.”

Finally the man and the spider end up facing one another again, the same as the beginning of the video.

The man recognises the significance of the moment, saying: “The face off between the two. Tarantasaurus.”

He taps the surface gently. The spider, realising its survival depends on a heroic counter-attack, leaps.

Dwayne reacted hilariously to the spider

Dwayne emits a deafening, high-pitched scream and leaps back, the footage suddenly going out of focus before cutting off.

Sam Smith responded on social media: “Did anybody else jump watching this?”

Josselyn Sanchez said: “Lmao.”

Aaliyah Burrell commented: “He should have left the mf alone.”

Online reaction provided some more humour to the clip

Jahmere Berry wrote: “Lmfao.”

D Original Niah said: “The spider was like, ‘Ok that’s enough’.”

Tre Lupe He added: “He got tired of his s***.”

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