Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsPublishing student offers to proof read for Asda after spotting "utencils" sign...

Publishing student offers to proof read for Asda after spotting “utencils” sign in kitchen aisle

AN Asda customer has offered to proof read the supermarket giant’s signs after spotting a spelling howler in the kitchen aisle.

Eagle-eyed Keira O’Sullivan realised that the word “utensils” had been spelt with a “c” in place of the first “s”.

The part-time publishing student put her studies to good effect in the Asda store in Leith, Edinburgh.

Keira, who also works in administration, shared a picture of the “utencils” blooper with her pals on Twitter, writing: “Hey Asda, you looking for a freelance editor?”

Keira spotted the spelling mistake in Asda

Amy Merson responded: “I can’t wait to find this in work tomorrow.”

Sophie Burdge commented: “O m g shocking.”

In 2015 it was reported that clothing retailer H&M also made a rather embarrassing spelling error.

They tried to make a T-Shirt using Edison’s famous quote that: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration”

However, a mistake was spotted within the inspirational quote as ‘Genious’ was written instead of genius.

It is believed the top in question was shortly removed from their website.

Asda thanked Keira for making the spot and ensured they would be more precise with their spell checking.

She asked the supermarket if they were looking for a freelance editor

A spokesman said: “Oops, well this has made us look like tools.

“We would like to thank Ms O’Sullivan for being eagle-eyed and letting us know about this slip up – we will be sure to whisk it away and ladle in some spellchecking.”

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