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4 Reasons Your Sales Team Should be Using Salesforce


If you’ve been looking into the customer relationship management industry, you probably came across a wide variety of platforms, all with their own sets of functionalities, allowing you to manage your customer base and build a better relationship with them. And you’ve probably run across Salesforce at some point. Salesforce is viewed by many as the best CRM on the market and is regarded as a pioneer in the cloud CRM business.

But why should you pay almost double for Salesforce when there are tons of other CRMs out there that seem to perform the same functions?

Ease of Use

One of the first things that you want in a CRM is one that can be easily integrated. You want a tool that is complex enough for your sales team to have a complete picture of your customer and perform a thorough analysis, but you don’t want the learning curve to be too steep either. Salesforce is not only easily integrable, but it also allows your sales team to have a complete 360-degree view of your customer base by giving them better visibility of their contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities, all in one place. This will allow them to do better follow-ups, make better decisions, and close deals better.

3rd Party App Integration

Another great thing about Salesforce is how easily other apps can be used with it to improve its functionality. You can use software such as PieSync for instance to sync your ActiveCampaign Salesforce leads. In addition to that, PieSync allows you to gather contact information from all your messaging and email apps and sync them with Salesforce. You can also use PieSync’s two-way sync function to automatically sync leads gathered through website lead generating tools and even chatbots. PieSync can dramatically boost your productivity and completely eliminate the need to constantly import or export data manually.

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When picking CRM software, you shouldn’t just be making your decision based on your current needs, but for at least three years in the future. Salesforce is one of the most scalable CRM tools on the market, and this is largely due to its customization features that will allow you to make proper modifications along the way.

Salesforce is also highly committed to continuous improvement. They actually listen to their customers’ feedback and follow up by constantly incorporating new features. Salesforce releases new features at least thrice per year, which is why they have such a solid reputation for customer satisfaction and product functionality.


Another great thing about Salesforce is that your reps will be able to easily create reports and see which accounts have been neglected, products they’ve sold, opportunities that might be present in the pipeline, and more. This will allow them to evaluate and improve their performance and access important data through graphical formats.


As you can see, Salesforce’s reputation as one of the best CRMs out there is largely warranted. If you feel like Salesforce could be the solution for you, we encourage you to look more in-depth into everything it has to offer and how it could benefit your sales team and bottom line.