Friday, August 12, 2022
News"The most they've run in their careers!" Uniformed cops filmed pushing CID...

“The most they’ve run in their careers!” Uniformed cops filmed pushing CID pal’s conked-out motor

VIDEO shows two uniformed police officers pushing their CID colleague’s car after it conked out during an investigation.

The short clip shows the two uniformed officers pushing the back of the grey car while the plain clothes man pushes the door.

Kirsty Edment filmed the clip just outside her house in Cairnhall Court in Carluke, South Lanarkshire, were officers were investigating an “unsuspicious death”.

Kirsty, 29, uploaded the clip to Facebook captioned with: “Not often you see the police having to push their own car.”

The short clip begins with the two officers pushing the back of the grey hatchback while the detective is pushing the open driver’s door to help jump start his car.

As the car begins to pick up pace the officers begin to run faster with the undercover struggling to keep up with the car.

The clip ends with one of the officers slowly walking down the road watching the car move away.

Craig Thomson wrote under Kirsty’s post saying: “Aye too funny I’m pmsl here idiots.”

The cops help their colleague get his car going again in the footage

Catherine Lammie said: “Good job it was facing down the hill not a chance they’d push it up it lol.”

Joseph Smith wrote: “It’ll be the battery they’re jump starting it if it was fuel they’d leave it and it’s probably the most they’ve ran in their career.”

Speaking today (Fri) Kirsty said: “ They were dealing with an incident that had taken place just round the corner from where I stay.

“They were driving their unmarked car that had broken down just outside my house so they all had to get out and give it a shove down the hill. It’s not often you see police having to shove their own car.

The officers pick up the pace as their colleague struggles to keep up

“To be honest I had a wee giggle to myself when I seen them having to push the car down the hill to get a jumpstart they managed to get it running again.”

A spokeswoman for the Police Scotland said: “Police were on scene investigating an unsuspcious death”.

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