Thursday, May 26, 2022
Entertainment"Premium p***-taking!" Limmy trolls Richard E Grant over Ritz bed "bounce-back" video

“Premium p***-taking!” Limmy trolls Richard E Grant over Ritz bed “bounce-back” video

RICHARD E Grant has been hilariously trolled by Scottish comedian Limmy after the Withnail and I star filmed himself flopping on to a bed at The Ritz.

But while the “luvvy” English actor did his video in a £425-a-night five star hotel, Limmy appears to have opted for a £29-a-night Travelodge.

Grant filmed himself to check the ‘bounce-back’ of his bed in his Ritz hotel room.

Grant posted the video to Twitter on March 14 saying “Testing the @theritzlondon bed for its ‘bounce-back’. Ten out of ten!”

Limmy posted his version to Twitter yesterday afternoon saying: “At long last, my Richard E. Grant bedbounce impression.”

Richard E Grant tweeted about bouncing on a bed at The Ritz which was hilariously recreated by Scottish Comedian, Limmy.
Richard E Grant publicly commended The Ritz for the bounce-back on his bed

Limmy’s recreation appears to be filmed in almost exactly the same angle as Grant’s.

The comedian jumps back on to his bed and lets out a sound similar to that of Grant’s.

All the while, Limmy maintains an unhinged version of Grant’s trademark manic grin.

The comedian’s video has left many fans in stitches.

Scottish comedian Limmy recreated the hilarious Richard E Grant bed bounce video and tweeted about it
The Scottish comedian recreated the video in a Travelodge.

Fire_gal01 said: “I’m wiping away tears having listened to last chapter bit about your son so this was perfect!”

Skibey added: “Nailed it.”

DistractedB wrote: “If you pause it at the end that’s downright scary. Halloween mask scary. I smell money.”

Tommy67 said: “This is the weirdest s*** you’ve ever produced/released. And I’ve seen them all.”

Allanwilliams78 added: “This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long while. Premium p***-taking! Well done, please keep it up.”

Odds_and_sods_ wrote: “Classic Travelodge artwork in the background.”

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