How to Motivate your Millennial Workforce


Driven by the desire to achieve, millennials are gradually becoming the largest cohort of workforce and are quickly propelling to managerial positions.

Due to their outright distrust in the hierarchical career advancement in conventional organisational structures, they have managed to defy this military type of management.

When not satisfied with their current positions, most would not be dissuaded to hand in their resignation letters.

Therefore, this loss in skilled and competent labor may not augur well for any company, hence the need to set strategies in place to motivate and retain them.

Image: Pixabay/nastya_gepp

How is this then realised? Here are some of the ways to discourage job-hopping among your millennial employees:

Drop the Authoritative Style of Management

Millennials will be hesitant to share their ideas or differ with their superiors in company meetings if their work environment is overly controlled.

Micromanagement often kills their free will and morale to positively go against set rules and contribute significantly to the organisation. If your workplace does not nurture such kind of spontaneity and diversity, there are higher chances of going back to the recruitment board.

The rule is, stop being a manager and become a leader. Maximise on their strengths and give them the freedom to exercise their creativity.

Conduct Regular Training

The vibrant workforce will expedite most of their responsibilities using computers. Technology has evolved into an authoritative factor for business growth, and managers should capitalise on this.

This can be done by harnessing millennials’ skills and expertise through e-learning tools. Online courses providers such as e-Careers provide employees the space to learn at their own pace and the freedom to enroll in programmes that are important to them.

Onsite training is not only a logistical burden but is also tedious. Online programmes such as office safety courses encourage employees to study at their convenience and save relevant data for future reference.

Set Clear Expectations

It is vital for any human resource practitioner to align work responsibilities to the values of their employees. This connection encourages them to pursue their goals and feel appreciated in their workplace.

Together with their input, setting clear goals transfers rights and ownership of assigned projects to them. This helps them maximise their efforts and invest resources provided to attain company goals appropriately.

Offer Positive Criticism

Giving regular feedback on the performance of your employees awakens their desire to outperform, and they feel that their input is valued.

When giving feedback, always offer some constructive criticism to make them learn rather than get discouraged. Even though freedom at work is essential, still engage with your employees in their projects and give coaching.

Offer Flexibility

When you hear about employment freedom from this generation, it means that they are striving for some work-life balance.

Millennials will often look for jobs with such flexible schedules. This freedom does not diminish their work capability but instead motivates them to work harder and earn the life they desire.

The increase in demand and the establishment of an approved variety of online courses means that this cohort is always on the verge of bettering themselves.

The hunger to learn then translates to the urge to score better positions and more significant responsibilities at their workplace. If this is not provided for, they start sending out their resumes.

It is crucial, therefore, to come up with new titles and compensations that match them.