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Terrifying moment car and caravan lose control and flip over on dual carriageway

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TERRIFYING footage shows a car towing a caravan lose control and roll over the crash barrier at a busy dual carriageway.

The caravan appears to “snake” as it is towed at high speed in the outside lane.

Moments later, the caravan is destroyed as it flips over and the car rolls over the crash barrier and partially into the opposite carriageway.

Cars are seen passing in the opposite direction moments before the tumbling vehicle crosses the barrier.


The incident happened on the A380 at Chudleigh, Devon, yesterday (wed) and was caught on an HGV driver’s dashcam.

Dan Combellack, 36, posted the footage online, prompting a flood of claims that the Toyota  Land Cruiser was going too fast to be towing a caravan.

The footage shows the Toyota speed past the Dan’s lorry.

The caravan starts to swing wildly from side to side and then swerves violently, spinning over and flipping the Toyota.

Toyota loses control
The moment the car loses control.

The car comes free from the caravan and has sufficient momentum to cross the safety barrier.

Karl Meredith responded online: “I’m a class one driver myself hence why I knew they were speeding. Probably over 70mph by the look. Hope everyone was ok though.”

Ady Cross was particularly critical of the driver, commenting: “No idea on loading or speed.

The fishtail would have started due to the combination of speed and the suction as they pass the HGV, with the speed they were doing it is no surprise. Just a pain for everyone else held up because of their stupidity.”

Kashif Ghazi also pointed out the dangerous speed, but hopes they have learnt a valuable lesson; “It seems very dangerous but I hope that driver and passengers are all fine and next time he or she will drive slowly and avoid overtaking while towing anything.”

Adam Wood criticised the driver, highlighting once more the speed they were travelling; “This is why people towing shouldn’t be going quicker than vans/lorries on dual carriageways. Bet they were a little dizzy after that.”

Dan, from Cornwall, also passed comment on the incident, saying: “I seen the caravan overtaking me and thought was a little fast. At the bottom of the hill all vehicles bottom out a little that’s why started snaking. I knew what was going to happen so I started slowing down.”

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that one occupant of the vehicle has suffered a minor head injury. Despite being asked, the force did not provide any information on whether anyone had been arrested or charged.

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