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Book your trip to Japan and enjoy the beauty

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Japan is good country to visit and anyone who is interested to explore different countries can definitely plan trip to this amazing country. You will get to see many beautiful palaces and ancient temples.

The sandy beaches and sacred shrines will mesmerise you like anything. So, those planning to visit with family for them it would be like total fun. In Japan there are many breath taking national parks that are maintained in a beautiful manner.

Once you will visit this beautiful country you will sure miss it when you will return as the charm of this country will want you to visit it again and again. Do not forget to carry a good camera so that you can capture the beauty of this beautiful country.

There are some places where the camera might not be allowed, so take note of that and follow the laws of Japan. You can either plan visit with friends or family you are surely going to have the best of time.

Japan scenery
Image: David Edelstein on Unsplash

There are many countries worth visiting but Japan is indeed the one that will satisfy you completely and make your holiday a total fun.

Anyone visiting this country will like it very much. However, remember the tips mentioned below so that you do not face any problem and enjoy your overall trip to this place.

  1. Try to be polite: People coming here are known for talking loudly. So, remember to be polite at most of the time and especially when you are travelling by means of any type of public transport. Remember you need not answer any of your phone calls while travelling and you also need to keep the volume low if you are listening to any type of music. Do not try to blow your noise as it is considered as disrespectful.

  2. No Tip At All: In Japan it is considered as rude if you are offering any type of tip. It might so happen that if you have left tip the waiter might follow you and return it back thinking that you might have left it by mistake. In case if you are willing to offer something in return the best thing would be to offer the cookery book or tour guide of some other country. This gesture of yours will surely be liked and appreciated.

  3. Cherry Blossom Season: The best time to visit Japan would be when cherry blossom is at its peak. If you will visit here during cherry blossom you will be so happy about your visit to Japan. It is also called by the name of sakura season. You might have seen the amazing postcards with beautiful flowers. There are many brochures as well in which the beauty of the flowers can be experiences. So, visit Japan personally and experience the same.
    It is during the month of March, April and May that you will see the blossom. These are of course the months where in you will have to pay little bit on the higher side for booking as there are many visitors visiting during the cherry blossom.

  1. Drugs – Check out the same: If you are taking any type of drug on regular basis it is always better and on the safer side to carry a proper prescription. If at any time you are questioned you can always show the doctor’s prescription and you will not have to worry.

  2. Face Masks – Get used to it: Wearing face mask is something which people staying in Japan are used to. This might definitely look odd to people who are not used to it or are from other country. For the people staying there it is quite logical. The reason behind these masks is to protect your face from any sort of allergies that might be due to cherry blossom season. So, you can buy few of the masks so that you can wear it and feel safe.

  3. Carry Enough Cash: It is always better that you carry with you enough cash. The reason being that you will not be able to find ATM’s. Exchange the money so that you are not facing any financial problems over there. If you wish to do shopping in Japan then you need to carry more money.

  4. Right Footwear: It is very important that you wear the right footwear so that you do not face any problem whatsoever. This is required especially when you enter any temple. You also need to change the footwear while you enter someone’s house. So, you need to take off the outdoor shoes and put on indoor shoes when entering home or temple. In case if you are going to toilet you can switch to the toilet slippers. These indoors slippers are easily available in shops so you can buy one for yourself.

The most important thing is that you will need to have appropriate visa in order to enjoy all the charm that Japan has to offer. Thus, you will need to look for all the Visa requirements for Japan ( You can surely visit the site so that all the things are clear to you. Our site will be helpful to you if you are planning trip with your family. All the information is there on the site and still if there is something anyone wants to ask can contact us. If you will contact us on timely basis you will definitely get the process done in quick manner. So, do not waste time and contact us at the earliest you can and be sure we will make your trip to Japan, a memorable one.

Requirements for Visiting Japan

Although these requirements are mentioned on our site you can keep in mind below points.

  • 1. Valid passport that has six months validity, along with two blank pages
  • 2. Signed and complete Visa Application Form
  • 3. 4.5×4.5 cm size recent photograph. It should be in white background
  • 4. Original birth certificate or its certified copy
  • 5. If you are married valid marriage certificate
  • 6. Travel plans to Japan

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