Is this 15-vehicle overtake brilliant driving or plain dangerous? Internet divided over motorist’s dashcam clip of “perfectly safe” manoeuvre


A DRIVER has posted footage of himself overtaking 15 vehicles in one go on a rural road, declaring the manoeuvre “perfectly safe”.

David Simpson’s jaw-dropping clip has divided opinion on social media between those who agree it shows consummate driving skill and those who judge it dangerous.

The 42-year-old was stuck in a long line of traffic behind a farm vehicle when he decided to make full use of his Subaru WRX’s 300-horsepower engine.


The electrician insists he did no more than 60mph as he passed the traffic, including an HGV and a caravan, on the A614 near Middleton-on-the-Wolds, East Yorkshire.

David, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, posted the footage of his overtake on Friday to social media, writing: “We had been in this slow moving traffic for about 15 minutes, averaging about 18mph.

Perfectly safe overtake at 60mph, paying attention to each vehicle I approached.”

Opinions on the wisdom of David’s driving were evenly divided.

Daryl Tocker was sympathetic, writing: “That’s what happens when you get 20 t***s incapable of passing a 20mph tractor on a straight road.”

Helen Louise Must wrote; “Finally, someone with big enough balls to overtake the tractor and caravan while all the sheep sit patiently waiting!”

car overtakes several cars
The electrician insists he did no more than 60mph as he passed the traffic, including an HGV and a caravan, on the A614.

Jon Goman also backed David, writing: “Perfect. Plenty of gaps to pull into if needed..nice move.”

Arnie Butler said: “Awesome! All those idiots following like sheep causing tailbacks!”

But Ben Taylor was among those to disagree, writing: “Police would love that video, you clearly think it’s perfectly ‘legal’.”

Thomas Tang said: “15 cars. Going up a slight incline, stupid comes to mind.”

Milan Shah gave a more balanced argument, saying; “Just one thing that comes to mind. If one of those drivers didn’t look before they attempted to overtake, then there could have been serious consequences. Just takes someone else’s mistake”.

Mark Simmons said; “What a silly boy. You weren’t on a race track and clearly went past a fair few cars and a junction on the right. Such a massive show of DANGEROUS DRIVING.”

David today responded to the criticism, insisting: “I was passing slow moving traffic.

“I was within the speed limit, the road was dry, vision very good.

“Even after I had passed the tractor there was still another half a mile of clear road that was perfectly clear.”