Screams as British Airways destroy little girl’s pride and joy scooter then send the bits back without warning


BRITISH Airways destroyed a little girl’s pride and joy scooter and then sent the bits back to her without warning or compensation.

Bella Sills, five, excitedly opened the package expecting to be reunited with her pink Oxelo scooter.

Instead, the youngster screamed and burst into tears on finding the shattered scooter was in at least seven pieces.

The scooter was in the hold of a BA flight from Heathrow to Majorca that Bella took with her father, Richard, on August 14.

broken scooter
Bella was left heartbroken by the discovery

The scooter did not arrive at their home in Palma but a bubbled-wrapped package arrived two days later.

Richard, 34, who is working as a marine environmental scientist on the island, told BA on social media: “So I had an item of baggage (my daughter’s scooter) delayed by two days.

“When it was delivered to my house it was wrapped differently, I think mainly to contain all the pieces that it was now in.”

He added: “I was made aware of this by my daughter’s screams as she unwrapped her pride and joy to find it incredibly damaged.”

To make matters worse, Richard’s claim for baggage damage has received no response from BA.

Speaking today, Richard said: “I was with my daughter who opened the scooter packing. She was excited as she had not used it for a few days. I was made aware when I heard her screams.

Bella’s scooter was her pride and joy

“We were not told by BA that it was damaged at any point. And so far no feedback from them regarding  it.”

Nigel Robinson wrote under Richard’s post: “I’m more curious about the force that was used to shear or  snap a metal scooter. It looks like it has been driven over.”

Carol Blake Ransford added: “That’s awful. Do you have photos of how you wrapped it?”

John Sander said: “Twitter claim to BA’s version of customer service in the first instance and if no result, then afraid small claims court (which is surprisingly easy).”

British Airways confirmed they were investigating the incident.

A spokeswoman said: “We are investigating and will be in touch with our customer to resolve this issue.

“We operate more than 800 flights every day, and it’s very rare for luggage to arrive damaged.

“Every day we take great pride in carrying thousands of bags safely and speedily to their final destination where the vast majority arrive as planned. “