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A Short and Sweet Ring Wearing Guide For Men


Men have always worn rings. According to modern traditions, it is customary to have a wedding ring on the ring finger. This ring is a symbol of loyalty to his partner. There are no other common traditions regarding ring-wearing. But why do men still adorn their fingers with this accessory? How to wear rings to look the best? We’ll try to answer these questions in this post.


How Many Rings to Wear?

There are no strict rules on how many rings a guy can rock. The rule of thumb, however, says that 2-3 rings on both hands are more than enough. It is probably not fair since women can put on as many rings as they wish. Yet, the sense of good taste convinces us that 2-3 rings maximum look neat, stylish, and fashionable. More rings will look tacky unless you’re a biker or rocker.

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Which Hand? 

Wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left or right hand depending on the country you are from.

An interesting fact. There was a tradition in ancient Egypt to study bodies after death. Antiquity people found out that there was a nerve that goes from the heart to the fourth digit of the left hand. This finger was given a special meaning. People still associate it with love and loyalty. Accordingly, in many cultures, newlyweds put wedding rings on the left’s hand ring finger.

Why does its twin from the right hand accommodates wedding rings in other cultures? The fact is that Christians believe that a guardian angel stands behind the right shoulder. People put a wedding ring on the right hand to enlist his support. This tradition exists in many countries, mainly Orthodox ones as well as Scandinavian states.


Which Fingers to Adorn with Rings

It is more or less clear how and where to put a wedding ring. What about fashion rings? In fact, you can rock this jewelry as you like, but men’s favorites are the middle and ring fingers. There is not much meaning in wearing rings on these fingers. However, if you decide to go with different digits, make sure to learn what significance it will convey.

It is believed that a ring on the pinky is a sign of a gambler and a dodgy person. A man having a band on his index finger tries to subconsciously demonstrate his desire for leadership. Since in the past, many wealthy and powerful men flaunted rings on thumbs, it was believed that a ring here conveys influence and power. However, psychologists see a different meaning. They think that only men with great internal energy can pull it off. Such guys will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

A ring is an eye-catching accessory, so you need to think carefully how to combine it with clothes and other trinkets. It is also useful to consider the harmony among all the rings you wish to put on.

In general, we can divide all rings into two main categories:

  • simple bands;
  • complex rings featuring stones inlays, metal inserts, engraving, embossing, etc. Biker skull rings for men, for example, are from this category.

So, if you want to rock two massive rings, it is best to reserve to adjoining fingers of the same hand. If along with that you have a simple wedding band, put it on the other hand. Make sure to avoid wearing rings of different metals together, it is one of the biggest fashion crimes.