Observing bouncy castle and inflatable safety at children’s parties


Funfair rides and attractions are always an excellent idea for children’s parties. They are endless fun and excitement for children, and adults will enjoy them too! No wonder fairground hires are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of events.

Many fairgrounds hire companies have also modified their services to cater to a variety of requests from clients. For example, you may request the fairground hire company to come up with designs and staff costume that match your party theme.

But when choosing fairground rides for hire, there are several considerations. For children’s parties, the primary concern is safety.

That is why selecting which rides to hire is a challenging step in planning for a party.

Which rides are suitable for children’s parties?

When choosing attractions and rides, the fairground hire company often recommends which are most suitable for children. There are mini carousels, bouncy castles, and booths with child-friendly games.

Avoid high-adrenaline and fast rides as much as possible. If you intend to add one or two rides for adults, make sure that the operator is strict in not allowing children to ride.

Bouncy castle
Image by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

Although you always have to keep safety in mind when there are children, do not be afraid to experiment with new attractions. Perhaps there are arcade game stalls available, and these would make a great addition to any children’s party.

Safety advice when hiring bouncy castles

Bouncy castles are a staple for kid’s parties, and fairground hire companies have a variety of options. Depending on the space available, the sky is the limit in selecting a bouncy castle size and design.

Unfortunately, these attractions can collapse or get blown away. The good thing is, the UK has regulations in place to ensure that rental companies comply with safety standards.

Before hiring bouncy castles, check if the company underwent inspection by either ADiPs or PIPA. A bouncy castle that has been inspected by these regulatory bodies will have a tag.

You may also check to find out the tests conducted by PIPA and ADiPs to ensure that inflatables are safe for public use. If you find out that the funfair hire company did not have any of their equipment tested, look elsewhere for your party needs.

Safety before, during, and after the party

The set-up, use, and dismantling of party inflatables need to be conducted by a trained individual. The fairground hire company usually provides staff when you hire attractions, but it is also essential to check if their staff has undergone the necessary training.

While bouncy castles and inflatables are up and running, make sure to orient the staff to keep users at a minimum or at least a manageable number. Kids can get excited, especially when unsupervised. There are safety guidelines and instructions recommended when setting up inflatables for a party. Make sure that all attendees are aware of these safety guidelines and adhere to them.

While it is your objective to make sure that everyone has fun, it is also essential that safety and security are observed at all times.